Back When I Was a Kid.... (Joe say's "Hey remember back in the 50's... Well Joe, I remember a lot of these thing from not quite that far back when I was a kid in the 60's)
-The U.S. population was under 150 Million.... yet you knew more people, and you knew them better.
-The average yearly income was just over $3000 yet our parents could still put a little away for a rainy day and still live a decent life.
-A loaf of bread cost about 15 cents... and it was still safe for a 5 year old kid to roller skate to the store and buy one.
- Prime time T.V. meant "I Love Lucy" and "Ozzie and Harriet" and "Lassie"... and no one ever heard of ratings or filters.
- No one had air conditioning so all the windows were open and half a dozen mothers ran outside when you fell off your bike.
-Your names of your teachers and other adults were "Mr. Atkins" or "Miss Perkins" or "Mrs. Jenkins" and never "Mr. Dan" or "Ms. Becky".
-The only hazardous material you were ever aware of was that patch of grass burrs around the light pole at the corner.
-Most families needed only one job... which meant mom was home when school let out.
-You loved to clime into a freshly made bed... bacause sheets were always dried out on the closeline. (Man, just the smell of fresh bed linens take me back)
-People generaly lived in the same hometown as their relatives so child care meant grand parents, or aunts and uncles.
-T.V. was in black and white and it didn't matter... we had all the color we needed in the wide open outdoors.
-Your dad knew how to adjust everyone's carburator... and the dad next door knew how to tune all the televisions.
-Your grandma grew snap beans in the back yard and chickens behind the garage.
-And when you had just done, or were about to do something really stupid, you'd run into your dad's old high school coach or the nosey lady from up the street or your little sisters piano teacher and all of them knew your parents phone number and your first name!
I don't know about you but when I think of these things I can't help but remeber them as GOOD TIMES. We could use a little good times now!

Spiral, Horizontal Line Spinning

This following list was started compliments of "Stoney" (you know who you are) and is dedicated to Mike Magnum, Kathleen and Connie who are always playing a game that can only be called "Yah, but do you remember...?". Feel free to send us your Motor City memories and we'll add them on.

You're from Detroit if.....

- You remeber the Harley shop just off the John C. Lodge expressway

-You remeber standing at the fence in front of the Harley shop and watching the drag races on the expressway

-You remember drag racing on Woodward (bikes Vs. cars - the guys in cars never did learn that you can never beat a bike)

-You remember Detroit morning radio with Fred Wolf

-You ever caught a street car from downtown to the State Fairgrounds

-You know what it means if someone tells you to "Hit Eight Mile."

-You made out as a teenager at the Woods, Bel Aire, Towne, Jolly Roger, Algiers, or Blue Sky drive in

-As a child you thought the big tire on I-94 might roll away one day

-You got excited about going to Bob-Lo or Edgewater Park

-Remember cheering from one end of the tunnel to the other while going to Belle Isle. Or the big stove on Jefferson at the entrance to Belle Isle.

-You rode horses or the horse drawn carriages on Belle Isle.

-You have ever shopped at Hughes and Hatcher, B.Siegel, Peck and Peck, Himelhoch's, Federal's, or Berlin's.

-You've ever played on the escalator at Hudson's downtown.

-You remember Santa on the 12th floor in his wonderland.

-You remember when Northland or Wonderland were not enclosed malls.

-You remember any Mayors other than Young and Archer and you know who Cobo was.

-You remember what you were doing when you got word there was a riot going on.

-You remember a Winkleman's store in your neighborhood.

-You remember a Federal's store before it burned down!

-You thought driving to Southfield was going "out to the country."

-You remember the "Big Snow."

-You remember Twin Pines Dairy delivered milk and juice to the chute on the side of your house.

-You remember the Good Humor man in a white uniform, the shiny white trucks.

-You remember the "Sheeny Man" in your alley.

-You had an alley.

-You saw Marvin Gaye (or the Beatles) sing at the Olympia Stadium or the 20 Grand Lounge.

-You remember Olympia Stadium.

-You remember the Detroit Wheels football team.

-Your Dad went to Muirhead's on Michigan for sporting goods.

-You made out at 9 Mile pier or in Rouge Park.

-You knew not to touch the water in Rouge Park.

-You sometimes wonder what happened to Jimmy Hoffa.

-You remember when there was no Lodge Freeway, no I-696, and I-75 only went as far as Troy.

-You remember when Southfield was just a road like Telegraph.

-You remember when Vernor's was made on Woodward and the bearded troll was on the bottle.

-You drank Towne Club pop.

-You bought groceries at Chatham's or A&P or Food Fair or Wrigley's.

-Your family took a trip to "the cider mill".

-Your school took a bus trip to Silvercup for bread.

-You had an Uncle in the furniture business (Joshua Doore).

-You remember Elsie the cow on I-94 before they shot up her head.

-You know who Bill Kennedy was.

-You shopped at Arlans and Value Village.

-You remember the magic number was Tyler 8-7100.

-You saw the Lion's play football in Tiger stadium.

-You saw the Tigers play in Tiger Stadium.

-You saw the Tigers play in Briggs Stadium.

-You saw the Tigers play in Ebbets Field.

-You remember when the Tigers had a team. (Think Billy Martin, manager)

-Your mother shopped at Crowley's.

-You've been to one or more of the Roma Halls.

-You know the Polish Century Club and the Polish Yacht Club.

-You remember the Faygo pop song being sung on the Bob-Lo boat.

-You remember which way Black Bart went.

-You knew where you were going when you got on the track to Nine Mile and Mack.

-You watched Rita Bell's Prize Movie.

-You remember Edith Fern Melrose and George Pierot and Stan Midgeley.

-You know who Sonny Elliot is.

-You remember Milky the Clown, Soupy Sales, Uncle Bob, Captain Jolly.

-You remember Sagebrush Shorty and Toby Jug.

-You remember Poopdeck Paul getting busted for weed.

-You remember taking the tours through the Superior Potato Chip plant and Strohs Brewery. 

-You know who  John Kelly and Marylin Turner are. 

-You remember PARMA, AMRAP and the GHOUL froggy!

- Your remember one of the very few places in Detroit where you could get vinegar on your french fries... The Motor City Speedway on 8 Mile Rd. at Schoenerr (later the site of Arlans dept store - now gone also)

- You remember "Singing Sam's" pizzaria on 8 Mile near Ryan and how many times it was remodeled and why.